Base Satellite and Costa Blanca Satellite over 20 years experience fitting UK TV and sky TV in Spain.
Costa Blanca Satellite price promise guarantee
Costa Blanca Satellite TV installers offer a 100% quality guarantee promise on all equipment with a 1 year guarantee on all parts.
Quality Guarantee

Base Satellite (Established 2000) and Costa Blanca Satellite (Established 2004) have worked
successfully in conjunction with each other for the past 8 years providing an excellent satellite
installation service to the Costa Blanca North region.

The operational and sales division in Spain is now handled entirely by Base Satellite and we
continue to provide the same customer service, excellent standards of installation and back-up
support as both companies have provided in our combined 20 years here on the Costa Blanca.

•        All equipment and installations guaranteed for  12 months
•        Fully trained, skilled & reliable engineers
•        Punctual and efficient after sales service
•        We only use UK original receivers as supplied in the UK.
•        All other equipment is locally sourced and of the highest quality.

With 10,000+ satisfied customers between both companies we are sure we are going to continue
our successful partnership offering our clients the service they have come to know and expect.

Price Promise Guarantee

Should you be able to buy the exact same system from another Costa Blanca based legitimate
business (in the Tax system in Spain) we will gladly match the price.  You must be able to either
show us online or provide us with a legitimate quote from another supplier available at the time you
ordered your system.

Terms and Conditions sky Viewing Cards

If you wish to cancel at any time please contact us 30 days prior to the date you would like to cease
your Sky viewing and we will give notice on your behalf. A refundable cancellation fee will be
charged which we will return on receipt of your card.

All cards remain our property and must be returned to us or you will forfeit the deposit.

Special offers:  We cannot guarantee to provide any of Sky’s special offers.

Your first payment to Sky may be higher than you expected as Sky charge a month in advance and
also charge for the time between the date of activation and your first payment.  This means your
first payment may cover a period of between one and two months.  After that, the monthly rates will
be the same as the ones above.

To avoid loss of viewing service, please make sure you inform us if your credit/debit card details
change at any time (even if the number is the same, the security code maybe different).  

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT SKY DIRECTLY They will not be able to help you. Always contact us if
you have any queries regarding your account.  We are not responsible for any loss of service
should you do otherwise.

Satellite TV Installation

Once you have decided which package is best for your needs we will arrange to visit at a
prearranged time to install your new system.  This will be completed by a trained technician who will
train you in the use of your system once it is set up and ready.

Your satellite dish will be located in a safe and secure place usually on an external wall positioned
to gain the best signal strength.  Generally you should allow two or three hours for the installation
to be completed.  This depends on the size of the dish and where it is to be situated.  It can take a
little longer if for example you live in a block and only have permission to site the dish on the roof of
your building.

Note: If you live in a community it is important that you have prior permission from your community
president to fix a satellite dish to external walls or roof areas. Please make enquiries before
arranging for us to install your TV system.  We cannot be held responsible should it not be possible
to install the system due to a representative of the community appearing and stopping the
installation. In this case you would be billed for the time and materials so far.

What We Cannot Guarantee

Base Satellite only sell and install equipment to receive satellite signals which are currently
available. We are not the broadcaster of the channels and cannot be held responsible for any
changes to reception made either by the broadcasters or their satellite transmission partners.
Should any changes occur in the future which require modification to the system the client would be
responsible for the cost of these modifications.
Base and Costa Blanca Satellite is registered ® is protected by international law  © 2012 Base & Costa Blanca Satellite - designed by the nice man from realbenidorm
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