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Already got a dish?

What satellite dish size do I need?

On the Costa Blanca Size Really Does Matters!
If you already have a dish it must currently be 1.10m or over to receive most freesat channels
and for sky channels a good service can be had from a 1.10m dish but not all channels will be
available as some of the Sky channels will require a larger dish to achieve good reception here
on the Costa Blanca in Spain.  If you have a suitable dish already you can attach a freesat or
sky box which will work provided the dish is correctly aligned to the satellite. The bigger the
dish the better the signal, we recommend a 1.35m or above if you have room!

Once we are able to confirm your current satellite dish is suitable we will then be able to
recommend the best digibox for your dish size and area from either freesat or sky.  These are
available for delivery or collection, however your dish may well need to be realigned to ensure
the best possible signal.  We are able to do this for you and set up your system ready to view.

For more information call us now on 962 800 807, request a call back and one of our
experienced & friendly staff will call you and help you decide on the best TV viewing system to
suit you.  If you prefer you may
contact us via Email.
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Freesat SD System fully installed includes 1m satellite dish, New Manhattan SD receiver, high gain low noise single LNB (0.2dB
freesat+ HDR satellite system fully installed. Includes a 500gb recorder/receiver, 1m satellite dish, twin LNB plus 5 free HD channels and 150 other channels and radio stations. Record pause and rewind live TV.  Record one channel watch another.
freesat channel list as of May 2012
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