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Sky service updating, what to do

Sky are getting ready to carry out an important security update to Sky services.

We need you to contact US (NOT sky ) with some important information about
your digibox in Spain if you are getting a “We need to update your service”
message on screen. Please write down the details then call us on:

962 800 807 or  620 255 928

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (Our customers only)
ONLY IF you have seen a message on your TV screen
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Your set top box information required:

Version Number

Serial Number

Viewing Card Number

Receiver ID (only required if shown on-screen)

Instructions to locate the information required


On your remote control, press SERVICES
(blue button below Sky button).

Using the blue sideways arrow,
move along to SETTINGS (a spanner icon)

When PICTURE is highlighted
(in the middle of the screen), using the
sideways arrow, move along to DETAILS


On your remote control, press Services
Press 4 (system set up)
Press 5 (system details)
We will need to carry out an update to your service on your behalf.
DO NOT CONTACT SKY DIRECT  we need to update your service for you.
(applies only to customers with sky cards supplied by us)

The information we need about your box will allow us to ensure you continue to
receive all the services you've subscribed to. Without this information you may
be unable to receive some of your channels after the update.

So to make sure this doesn't happen, please contact us with the information
about your system. It's easy to do and won't take long.

Why am I getting a “We need to update your service” message?
This message is appearing on digi-boxes not connected to a UK telephone line.

Can I update the information myself on the skyviewinghelp website?
NO, only set top boxes and viewing cards purchased direct from sky in the UK
and Ireland can be updated in this way.  We will update the information on your

How do I know when the updates are complete?
You will no longer receive a "we need to update your service" message. We will
take care of the update as soon as we have the information required,  there will
be no further action required by you and no difference in your TV service.
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