Base Satellite and Costa Blanca Satellite over 20 years experience fitting UK TV and sky TV in Spain.
What is Freesat?

Freesat is UK Digital satellite TV with no monthly subscriptions or contracts just a 1 off
installation cost.  Offering up to 150 TV and digital radio channels.

Get the best of British TV with no monthly payments - live in Spain fulltime, have a holiday or
rental property here or currently pay a subscription to an illegal re-broadcaster or pirate
Internet provider?

Switch to Freesat for the best UK TV free service in Spain direct from a smaller
satellite dish.

What is FREE HD (High Definition TV)

The following HD channels are free if you have an HD digibox:

Channel 4 HD
Channel 5 HD
BBC HD channel (this is a additional channel which carries programming from one of the other
BBC channels simultaneously such as BBC 1,2,3 or 4 Most programmes are BBC2 in HD)

If you want more (paid for) HD channels buy a
sky satellite system or already have a sky
digibox you may wish to pay for a monthly
sky HD Package - If you wish to add HD channels,
the extra cost will be £10.25/month over and above whichever sky package you have chosen.
You will receive the corresponding HD channels to your original package. The Formula One
channel is available when you subscribe to Sky HD channels or Sky Sports package or both
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Costa Blanca Satellite price promise guarantee
Costa Blanca Satellite TV installers offer a 100% quality guarantee promise on all equipment with a 1 year guarantee on all parts.
Freesat SD System fully installed includes 1m satellite dish, New Manhattan SD receiver, high gain low noise single LNB (0.2dB
freesat+ HDR satellite system fully installed. Includes a 500gb recorder/receiver, 1m satellite dish, twin LNB plus 5 free HD channels and 150 other channels and radio stations. Record pause and rewind live TV.  Record one channel watch another.
freesat channel list as of May 2012
freesat HD satellite system fully installed with 5 free HD channels including BBC1, BBC HD, ITV1 HD Channel4 HD and NHK HD plus 150 other non-HD channels. Fully installed including a 1m dish, Manhattan HD digi-box no monthly subscriptions.
Now 369€
Live UK TV on your PC, Laptop and iPad.  A secure router to watch British TV including BBC and ITV via the Internet.