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What is Sky+ HD
Sky+ allows you to record/save programmes to a hard disk storage facility inside the digibox and view them
when you want to.  You can watch one channel and record another or record 2 different channels at the
same time, either while you’re not watching TV or when you are watching something previously recorded.
It’s very easy to operate.  All you do is find the programme of your choice on the on-screen TV guide and
press the “R” button on the Sky+ remote, the programme is then stored in your planner to watch at your
leisure. A brand new
sky+ HD system can be installed in about 3 hours for the very best of UK TV in Spain.

Other facilities include “live pause”, pause live TV while you make a cuppa, etc.
Rewind to when you last changed channel, missed what was said! you can go back and listen again.
Sky anytime is a selection of programmes immediately available to view or save, they change on a daily basis.

Do I need another signal cable from the dish for Sky+?
With only 1 signal cable you can still use a Sky+ box on a single feed mode, this allows recording of only 1
programme at a time and you also lose the ability to watch one channel and record another. You can
however use Sky anytime, live pause and rewind and record.

Do I have to subscribe to use Sky+?
Yes, Sky+ is a service provided free of charge to Sky customers who have a Sky+ or Sky+ HD receiver but
you must have at least the minimum subscription of  £20.00/month.

Can I have a Card with no UK address or bank account?
Yes, we can arrange this for you, please see our Buy a Sky Card page.

Sky HD TV package (High Definition)
Sky HD Package - If you wish to add HD channels, the extra cost will be £10.25/month over and above
whichever package you have chosen from those above. You will receive the corresponding HD channels to
your original package/s**

**The Formula One channel is available when you subscribe to either Sky HD channels or Sky Sports
package or both

The following HD channels are free if you have an HD digibox:
carries programming from one of the other BBC channels simultaneously, i.e. BBC 1,2,3 or 4
Channel 4 HD
Channel 5 HD
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What is Sky?
Sky is the UK’s biggest digital TV provider offering packages from
as little as £20 per month.  With a wide range of channels from
documentaries to children’s programmes, sports and movies you
can build a package to suit your viewing needs.

Sky Sports cover Premier League football, Formula One, rugby,
cricket, European and US tour golf and much more so you need
never miss out on any sporting action from around the world.
What is Sky & What is Sky+ HD
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What is freesat and can I get this in Spain?
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UK TV in Spain over the Internet including BBC and ITV watch live or catch-up